20 Old Granite St
Manchester, NH 03101, USA
(603) 518-5657

Hours Of Operation

Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5pm-12am
Wednesday: 5pm-1am
Thursday: 5pm-1am
Friday: 5pm-1am
Saturday: 5pm-1am

SOHO - Bistro & Lounge

20 Old Granite St,
Manchester, NH 03101
(603) 232-4081

Barry Longshaw

Barry Longshaw

Managing Partner

Barry has been in the restaurant and nightclub business for about 30 years. he started working at Raytheon in 1985, and decided to start working part time as security at the Bahama Beach club in Nashua New Hampshire in 1993. A few months later he got laid off at Raytheon, that’s when he decided to go to bartending school so he could become a bartender at the Bahama Beach club. After about a year he applied for a bartending job at The Palace nightclub in saugus Mass. He bartended for about 6 months and decided that he wanted to learn every job in the business from the ground up. So that’s what he did. He worked every job from bar backing to bartending to security to parking lot . About a year later he had the opportunity to go into management where he learned how to run operations. Barry worked at The Palace nightclub up until it closed down in 2003 when Lowe’s Home improvement bought the property. He has been managing restaurants /nightclubs throughout the years and established solid relationships with the liquor commission and police department. He makes sure that all employees are tipped certified and that includes security also. His main goal in management is to make sure that the patrons and the employees are safe and go home at the end of the night.